Dual Studies: "Applied Health Sciences"

Together with the Baden-Württemberg Co-operative State University, we offer the dual "Applied Health Sciences" degree programme. It lasts a total of four years. In the first year, the training begins with healthcare and nursing or care of the elderly. From the second year of training, the study of "Applied Health Sciences" starts in parallel at the Co-operative State University (DHBW) Mannheim. After three years, there is the state examination in healthcare and nursing, or in the care of the elderly. Thereafter, the students complete more hours at the Co-operate State University (DH) and, as the practical element, take up a part-time position as a registered nurse. After the fourth year, there is then the final examination for the "Applied Health Sciences" bachelor's degree.

Education and Training Content

The education and training is appropriate for healthcare workers, nurses or geriatric nurses. The study programme combines the undergraduate subjects of health and care with operational and specific health industry modules. In addition, it is based on the empirical methods of health science. Graduates are taught skills for the optimisation and control of treatment processes and they will also be able to evaluate nursing actions and implement them in a self-responsible way. In addition to the traditional content of health and nursing science, the course promotes the graduates' ability to not only find their way in the new spheres of activity, but also to influence them. The study also sensitises graduates to interdisciplinary thinking and supports the development of soft skills, including key competencies, such as "scientific work", "Business English", "law", etc.


The study programme is aimed at future nursing staff in public, non-profit and private organisations. Applicants must have an advanced technical college entrance qualification or an Abitur. However, specialist knowledge is not necessarily required, although it does facilitate the practical introduction to the subject area.


For the training section, we need an application with the following elements: 

  • A strong letter of motivation 
  • A current passport photograph 
  • A continuous curriculum vitae stating your religious denomination 
  • Copies of current references 
  • Internship certificates and work certificates, if available

Please send the documentation to the following addresses:

  • Für Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege:
    Vinzenz von Paul-Schule
    Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim
    Bassermannstraße 1
    68165 Mannheim
  • Für Altenpflege:
    Caritasverband Mannheim e.V.
    Beate Köhler
    B 5, 19a
    68159 Mannheim

Registration on to the study programme takes place after the trial period via the Co-operative State University, Mannheim.



Vinzenz von Paul Schule
Bassermannstraße 1
68165 Mannheim
Anita Wingert und Stefanie Krauß
Phone (0621) 424-4531


Our partner for this course of study and training is the Baden-Württemberg Co-operative State University. You can find more detailed information here: