Vinzenz von Paul-Schule for the Health Professions

The Vinzenz von Paul Schule is a professional college for nurses/nursing auxiliaries, as well as for those caring for the elderly/geriatric nursing auxiliaries. We offer approximately 250 places in various education/training sectors. In addition, we are partners of the Baden-Württemberg Co-operative State University in the "Applied Health Sciences" study programme.

Our training courses are primarily aimed at promoting problem-oriented working. For this reason, the emphasis is on decision-making and responsibility which is designed to strengthen the pupils' and students' ability to judge, thus ensuring sensible and targeted professional practice.

The name of the school dates back to the theologian, Vinzenz von Paul. In the 17th century, he founded various charitable religious organisations, inter alia, the Vinzentinerinnen (Daughters of Charity). They cared intensively for the elderly, the ill and the orphans. Vinzenz von Paul is now considered to be the founder of the modern Caritas. He was canonised in 1737 and, in 1855, was named as the patron saint of all charitable associations.


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Vinzenz von Paul Schule
Bassermannstraße 1
68165 Mannheim
Anita Wingert und Stefanie Krauß
Phone (0621) 424-4531

School Management/Team

Ursula Koch
BBA School Management
Email: u.koch@

Birgit Schmiemann
Nursing career teacher/lecturer
Email: b.schmiemann@

Andreas Bergs
BBA Manager Geriatric Care/Auxiliaries
Email: a.bergs@

Christina Bentz
cand. Nursing Educator B.A.
E-Mail: c.bentz@

Mike Fahrenholz
Graduated Nursing Educator (University of applied Sciences)
E-Mail: m.fahrenholz@

Manuela Ilge
Medical Educator, BA
E-Mail: m.ilge@

Christof Kexel
Nursing Educator, BA
E-Mail: c.kexel@

Judith Mentel
Graduated Nursing Educator (University of applied Sciences)
E-Mail: j.mentel@

Sandra Werling
Graduated Nursing Educator (University of applied Sciences)
E-Mail: s.werling@

Michaela Wessendorf
Teacher/lecturer of nursing professions
E-Mail: m.wessendorf@

Sandra Zloic
Nursing Educator, BA
E-Mail: s.zloic@