Education & Training Offers

Offers We feel that education is an investment in the future, which is why we offer not only medical apprenticeship training positions, but also apprenticeships in the areas of business and commerce.

In commercial and home economics, there are trainee positions in the areas of

  • "Health Management" Studies (Bachelor of Arts, BA) in collaboration with the Baden- Wuerttemberg Co-operative State University, Mannheim (from October 2015) 
  • Diploma in business administration for Office Management (from September 2015) 
  • Housekeeping assistants 
  • Cook

In our Vinzenz von Paul School, you can undergo training in the following nursing and care areas: 

  • Healthcare and nursing 
  • Healthcare and nursing auxiliary 
  • Care of the elderly 
  • Geriatric nursing auxiliary 
  • Studies of Applied Health Sciences in collaboration with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Co-operative State University, Mannheim

Our internal training and further education offers are dedicated to the goal of lifelong learning. You can find specialisation options under the Nursing menu item.

Further medical training opportunities can be found in the individual medical specialisation areas.

There are many other interesting events in our current training programme.

BFD – Bundesfreiwilligendienst (Federal Volunteer Service)

Those who have just graduated may decide to look for a different social and professional orientation, however, older people also seek new challenges and exciting experiences, and voluntary service in the hospital may be just the thing for this, too. Whether as part of an internship, a voluntary gap year or the Federal Volunteer Service, there are a variety of areas open to those who are interested, areas which will provide interesting social experiences.

All men and women who have completed their compulsory schooling can do a BFD. The standard duration is 12 months, but the service can also be reduced to six months or extended to a maximum of 24 months.

During the service, volunteers are supervised by an expert in the relevant field. Regular seminars provide support and enable the sharing of experiences with others. An allowance is paid by the employer, as well as contributions to pension, accident, health and unemployment insurances. Work clothes are provided and, if required, a job ticket can be issued.

Volunteers do not just work in care at the Theresienkrankenhaus and St. Hedwig-Klinik, but also support patients in all sorts of different ways. In addition, there is work in the service areas or technical services.

Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr (FSJ) – Voluntary Gap Year - Social (FSJ)

The voluntary gap year (FSJ) is a legally-regulated voluntary service which is specifically aimed at teenagers and young adults and offers practical life experience, orientation in the world of work and the opportunity to meet other dedicated young people. The realisation of the voluntary work in a social institution is complemented by seminars in which the personal experiences, perspectives and the future of the participants are discussed.

The duration is generally one year, but from six months up to two years are possible. FSJ volunteers usually do not have specialist knowledge and they are, therefore, always individually guided or instructed by specialists at the hospital.

If you would like to undertake an FSJ in the Theresienkrankenhaus or St. Hedwig-Klinik, you need to enjoy working with people and be able to adapt well to new challenges. Team spirit, as well as physical and mental stamina, are important basic requirements.

A monthly allowance, as well as the costs of the statutory health insurance, pension, accident, unemployment and care insurances are paid. The right to child benefit is maintained during the FSJ, too. The costs of accommodation and meals is compensated and a job-ticket can be issued, if required.

The Ritschweier Training and Conference Centre

The Theresienkrankenhaus and St. Hedwig-Klinik GmbH's training centre was a former Landschulheim (rural education hostel), and has, since 1995, been used as a further training centre, especially for the hospital staff.

In addition, it is available for group and seminar events organised by other organisations, companies or institutions.

The training centre is located in the village of Ritschweier, a district of Weinheim, with about 350 inhabitants. The village is in a quiet location about 4km away from the mountain road in the heart of the Odenwald. The surroundings are shaped by the agricultural structure, the forests and mountains of the Odenwald, a local recreational space of the Rhine-Neckar area.


Please send your application to the following address:

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More information about the positions on offer can be obtained from our human resources department. Please telephone (0621) 424-4366

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