Medical Departments

Anaesthesiology and Operative Intensive Care Medicine

In the surgical intensive care unit, six single rooms and an intensive monitoring unit with nine beds (two-bed rooms) are available. The intensive treatment rooms are equipped with the most advanced ventilators that allow all major ventilation modes.

Patient monitoring is done both at the bedside and through central monitors. A Patient Data Management System (PDMS) is implemented (ICM, Dr├Ąger). Right-heart catheter modules, PICCO measurement systems and BIS modules, as well as expiratory CO2 measurement, invasive blood pressure and pulse oximetry are available on each patient monitor. Percutaneous tracheotomy, as well as the laying of perioperative, transitory pacemakers in selected cases, is carried out by the staff of the department.

The department has its own equipment for renal replacement therapy (CiCa). Postoperatively, measures to avoid foreign blood transfusions, such as auto-transfusion, are continued in the ICU where heat convective measures are used. The appropriate heating devices are available for the gentle administration of erythrocytes, platelets or plasma concentrates. Blood gas analysis is performed together with determining Hb, haematocrit, glucose, lactate and electrolytes directly in the ICU.

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