Medical Departments

Cardiology, Angiology and Internal Intensive Care Medicine

We primarily treat patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system, with an emphasis on diagnosis and treatment of coronary vessel, congenital and acquired heart defects, diseases of the heart muscle and heart failure, as well as of cardiac arrhythmias.

In addition, patients with diseases of the peripheral vessels (for example, smoker's leg or leg vein thrombosis) are treated. A 24-hour cardiac catheterisation readiness enables early and optimum treatment of the acute heart attack around-the-clock. The Internal Intensive Care (IN 1) and the Chest Pain Unit (CPU) are available for emergencies.

We work closely together with various departments of the hospital with referring colleagues, rescue services and other clinics, in particular, the Cardiology and Thoracic Surgery at the Ludwigshafen Clinic and the University Clinic Heidelberg, to ensure the optimum care of patients. We also provide assistance after release. To do this, we collaborate with social services, physical therapists, chaplains and psychologists as part of the care.

In addition to the treatment of cardiovascular disease, education and prevention are very important to us. We therefore also offer patient training on this topic.


Senior Consultant Prof. Dr. Markus Haass


Chief secretariat
Monika Kulczinski
Bassermannstraße 1
68165 Mannheim
4th floor, room 461
Phone (0621) 424-4268
Fax (0621) 424-4365

Cardiac clinic
Phone (0621) 424-4268

Pacemaker outpatient clinic
Phone(0621) 424-4291

Cardio hotline: Cardiac catheterisation examinations (outpatient and inpatient), Pacemaker implantations (incl. ICD) and admission appointments
Denise Opitz
Phone (0621) 424-4778
Fax (0621) 424-4855

Kardio-MRT and Kardio-CT
Jörg Schmitt
Phone (0621) 424-5618
Fax (0621) 424-4664

Zertifizierung Chest Pain Unit