Medical Departments

Cardiology, Angiology and Internal Intensive Care Medicine

Advanced Training

Advanced training events and courses for continued education are conducted regularly. One of these is the Cardio dialogue which is held quarterly, with the participation of external speakers (see News).

Continued Education and Advanced Training

All the consultants in the Internal Medicine Department have full training authorisation for specialist doctor training to become an internist. Broad internal medicine training is guaranteed due to regular rotations through the various internal medicine disciplines. In addition, Senior Consultant, Prof. Dr. Markus Haass, has the two-year training authorisation for Cardiology, and Senior Consultant, Dr. Michael Wurz, has the training authorisation for Specialised Internal Intensive Care Medicine.

Internships, Observation Internships (shadowing) and Doctoral Theses

Students and interested colleagues have the option of clinical rotations, internships and observation internships (shadowing) in one of our functional areas. Additionally, clinical doctoral dissertations are supervised by Prof. Dr. Haass. For more information, please contact our secretariat.


Chief secretariat
Monika Kulczinski
Bassermannstraße 1
68165 Mannheim
4th floor, room 461
Phone (0621) 424-4268
Fax (0621) 424-4365

Cardiac clinic
Phone (0621) 424-4268

Pacemaker outpatient clinic
Phone(0621) 424-4291

Cardio hotline: Cardiac catheterisation examinations (outpatient and inpatient), Pacemaker implantations (incl. ICD) and admission appointments
Denise Opitz
Phone (0621) 424-4778
Fax (0621) 424-4855

Kardio-MRT and Kardio-CT
Jörg Schmitt
Phone (0621) 424-5618
Fax (0621) 424-4664