Medical Departments

General and Visceral Surgery

Since 1996, the Department of General Surgery at the Theresienkrankenhaus has gradually developed into a special clinic for visceral surgery ("Viscera" comes from the Latin). The surgery's rapid progress, with its fascinating technical developments, is opening up more and more new surgical treatment options. These opportunities must continue to be used.

The true art of surgery is still in the conscientious weighing of benefits and risks for each surgical treatment. Not everything that is possible is also reasonable. After all, we do not simply treat diseases, but people who are ill. Mutual respect and trust are therefore the indispensable foundations of our successful treatment concept. Should surgery really be necessary, I wish you a most enjoyable stay in our department, a complication-free healing process and a speedy recovery.


Senior Consultant Dr. Gunther Schwall

Mailing Address

Theresienkrankenhaus und St. Hedwig-Klinik GmbH
Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie
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68165 Mannheim

Chief secretariat
1st floor. Room 107
Chief Secretary Sigrid Wagner
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Central Office: General Surgery
6th floor (new building, station 6A)
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Certified Advisory Body of the Deutsche Kontinenzgesellschaft e.V. [German Continence Society]
Dr. med. Ursula Lihs
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Findings Archive
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Certified Bowel Cancer Centre