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Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Treatment and Care Priorities at a Glance:


Here, all the benign and malignant disorders of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, vagina, as well as breasts, are diagnosed and treated both conservatively and surgically. The treatment of urinary incontinence, reduction conditions of the pelvic floor and sterilisation diagnostics and therapy (minimally invasive tubal surgery) are part of our range of services. Endoscopic procedures are applied as much as possible. Many procedures, such as uterine endoscopy, curettage or biopsies are done on an outpatient basis.

For diseases of the breast, we carry out all the diagnostic and therapeutic measures. With the help of magnetic resonance mammography and magnetic resonance imaging of the breasts, we can detect up to 90% of all tumours. With the diagnostics, we work closely together with Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietmar Schmidt (reference pathologist at the Mammascreening Nordbaden) from the Institute for Pathology, which is located in the St. Hedwig Klinik. This ensures that tissue samples are analysed as quickly as possible for malignant changes.

Our therapeutic measures include surgery for breast conservation, chemotherapy and radiation, as well as the restoration of breasts after surgery. We work hand in hand with the Department of Plastic Surgery headed by Dr. Joachim Grab. Another service is acupuncture, which can, for example, provide relief for painful periods, itching around the external genitalia, breast pain or premenstrual/menopausal syndrome.


  • Childbirth Preparation Courses
    These courses are conducted by midwives and scheduled as needed. Couple's or women's courses are offered on various dates. The best time to start is 26th - 28th week of pregnancy. For better planning, registration should be made no later than the 22nd week of pregnancy. The patient's costs are covered by the health insurance, the partners' costs amount to ten euros per hour. 
  • Pregnancy Counselling, SKF
    The Pregnancy and Family Counselling Centre of the Social Services of Catholic Women e.V. Mannheim offers consultation hours on the ground floor of the clinic on Thursdays between 9am -10am. The consultation includes the psychosocial aspects during pregnancy and after birth, socio-legal and financial issues, and any other issues arising from the changes in the life situation. Counselling is free of charge and independent of religion or nationality. 
  • Information Evening and Guided Tour of the Delivery Room
    On every first Tuesday of the month at 7pm, we explain everything you need to know about birth and the period thereafter. In this context, obstetricians, midwives and paediatricians are also available for individual questions. Registration is not required. A guided tour of the delivery room takes place every Sunday at 11am. All the rooms in our unit are presented. Afterwards, a paediatrician answers the participants' questions. Registration is not required. 
  • Midwives Consultation Hours and Postnatal Exercises
    Every Wednesday from 9am, our midwives offer consultation sessions. Those interested should please register beforehand. Special exercises are provided as early as the initial postpartum period to help the stomach return to its original shape. In addition, we offer postnatal exercises from about eight to twelve weeks after birth. 
  • Pain Management during Childbirth
    We want to help ensure that pregnant women experience a self-determined, personalised birth. With conventional medicine and homoeopathic methods, we ensure that childbirth is as painless as possible. Modern medical techniques are available for the monitoring of mother and child, as well as the birthing bath and modern, variable delivery beds. We offer also a relaxing bath or aromatherapy. Four experienced anaesthetists ensure that, at any time, the birth can be carried out under peridural anaesthesia and, if necessary, surgical delivery is also possible. 
  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture can help with certain symptoms prior to birth, such as gestational vomiting or mild forms of pregnancy-related hypertension. Acupuncture is also a proven form of treatment during and after birth, e.g. with weak contractions, breastfeeding problems or delayed uterine involution. We are pleased to provide this measure for an additional charge. 
  • Care of Newborns
    Two paediatricians and state-certified paediatric nurses monitor the newborns and care for the little ones. They also perform the following:
    - Newborn examination (U2) on the 3rd day of life
    - Advanced metabolic screening after birth 
    - Ultrasonic Examinations
    - Hearing test
    - If necessary, monitoring by foetal pulse oximetry (monitoring of oxygenation)
    - Treatment of neonatal jaundice (phototherapy)
    In addition, in cases of paediatric emergencies, neonatal emergency vehicles are available around-the-clock in collaboration with the University Children's Hospital Mannheim to take care of the newborns if needed. For individual questions, the two paediatricians, Dr. Rainer Bless and Dr. Frederik Lörsch, offer daily consultation hours at the St. Hedwig Klinik. The appointments are made by arrangement. 
  • Breastfeeding and Nutrition Counselling
    To facilitate breastfeeding, we advise both medical procedures, as well as naturopathic and homoeopathic methods. For specific questions or lactation problems, a paediatric nurse or midwife is available to talk to you. We also offer nutritional advice and are available for all other matters relating to newborn care.

Other Outpatient Services

  • Conducting of examinations in connection with high-risk pregnancies, amniocentesis, colour-coded Doppler sonography (ultrasound) of the faeto-maternal vascular system, as well as the external cephalic version at breech presentation 
  • Obstetric control examinations for problems in pregnancy and cardiotocograph (CTG) 
  • Implementation of special examinations and treatments, restricted to oncological cases (cancer)
  • Implementation of breast ultrasounds and punctures of breast tumours, to aspiration cytology and histology
  • Implementation of outpatient chemotherapy on referral by doctors responsible for oncology
  • Participation in the mammography screening in Mannheim


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