Medical Departments

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr. Axel Gerhardt MD

Head of Department

Dr. Hans-Michael Thon MD

Leading Senior Consultant

  • DEGUM Level II Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • DEGUM Level I breast ultrasounds
  • AGUB Level II Uro-gynaecological and plast. pelvic floor surgery
  • Focus title, Special Obstetric and Perinatal Medicine Resident doctors / specialist anaesthesiologists

Dr. Christoph Hildebrandt MD

Senior Consultant

Louiza Kaufmann

Senior Consultant

Dr. Christin Maria Wespe MD

Chief Resident


Dipl. M. Endter 
Dr. E. Engelmann MD
Dr.  R. Feldhues MD
Dr. L. L├Ąchele MD


Chief secretariat
Anja Landwehr and
Claudia Pasztor
St. Hedwig-Klinik
A2, 3-7
68159 Mannheim
Phone (0621) 1074-6107
Fax (0621) 1074-6230
E-Mail: info.gyn

- Registration of birth planning 
- Registration for the consultation 
- Registration for outpatient services

Maternity Ward/Delivery room
Phone (0621) 1074-6236

Newborn Nursery
Phone (0621) 1074-6222

Ward 3 H
Phone (0621) 1074-6225

Lactation counseling
Liliane Blust
Phone (0621) 1074-6541

Counseling Center, certified by Deutsche Kontinenzgesellschaft
Dr. med. Horst Job
Dr. med. Hans-Michael Thon
Phone (0621) 1074-6107