Medical Departments


Treatment and Care Priorities at a Glance:

Diagnosis, Therapy, Weaning

The diagnosis and therapy of acute and chronic lung and bronchial disorders including allergies, intolerance reactions and other environmental problems, are included in the treatment spectrum. In addition, we can treat breathing problems during sleep. Furthermore, patients are treated with general medical disorders in close collaboration with the other departments of the hospital.

Weaning is a special service which involves the cessation of artificial respiration. Patients who have had to be artificially ventilated for a long time for various medical reasons using external devices, often have difficulty returning to normal spontaneous breathing. The cessation of artificial respiration, called weaning, requires interdisciplinary medical expertise, social care, empathy and permanent support of those affected. The Theresienkrankenhaus Mannheim has been devoted to this group of patients for years.

The treatment areas and procedures in detail

  • Respiratory and lung diseases, such as bronchial asthma
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Pulmonary emphysema
  • Cor pulmonale, pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • Benign and malignant neoplasms of the respiratory tract, lung and pleura
  • Pleural effusions, pneumothorax, pleural empyema
  • Sleep-related breathing disorders, as well as other medical sleep disorders, such as restless legs syndrome, periodic leg movements, narcolepsy, insomnia
  • Infectious diseases of the respiratory tract and the lungs
  • Respiratory therapies (non-invasive) against diseases with respiratory failure and sleep apnoea
  • Allergic diseases of the respiratory tract and the lungs

Special activities and areas

  • Interventional bronchology, such as laser therapy
  • Stenting-in the bronchial tree
  • Bronchial-Ca early detection using the auto-fluorescence bronchoscopy
  • Endo-bronchial ultrasound (EBUS)

With the help of the latter two methods, the early detection of cancer of patients at risk (e.g. smokers) is increased six times.

  • Non-invasive ventilation
  • Video-assisted thoracoscopy with the associated biopsy procedures
  • Pleurodesis therapy in pleural effusions
  • Treatment of pneumothorax and pleural empyema
  • Transthoracic biopsy under CT or sonographic control

Sleep Laboratory

Here we treat sleep-related medical conditions and aim to provide a better quality of life for patients. The sleep lab is equipped as an independent unit. Accommodation is in private rooms. Meals are served in the common room, where there is also the opportunity to talk to other patients.


Martina Erb
Bassermannstraße 1
68165 Mannheim
55th floor, Room 571
Phone (0621) 424-4541
Fax (0621) 424-4657

Oncological Day Clinic

Regina Gress
Beatrix Schröer
Phone (0621) 424-4773

Senior Consultant
Dr. Joachim Desprez MD

Pneumological functional diagnostics

Dr. Armin Kommer MD
Phone (0621) 424-5410
E-Mail: a.kommer@

Dr. Jochen Hachenberger MD
Phone (0621) 424-5748
E-Mail: j.hachenberger@


Sleep Laboratory
Manuela Brk-Smolenga und
Nicole Reiboldt
Phone (0621) 424-4309
Fax (0621) 424-4346
E-Mail: info.slab@

Susanne Dech
Phone (0621) 424-4700

[Translate to Englisch:] Weaning-Fragebogen für Ärzte und Kliniken
Falls Sie einen Patienten haben, der beatmet wird und entwöhnt werden soll, finden Sie hier einen Fragebogen als Worddatei zum Download, den Sie bitte ausfüllen und an die Faxnummer (0621) 424-4657 oder per E-Mail an Dr. Jochen Hachenberger schicken können.