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In the Theresienkrankenhaus, phlebographies and angiographies, as well as percutaneous transluminal vascular interventions, such as balloon dilatation and stenting, are carried out for patients on an outpatient basis. Balloon dilatation and stenting of the pelvic and leg vessels are done under the personal KV [National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Doctors Germany] authorisation of the Senior Consultant, Dr. Jochen Hansmann. The Theresienkrankenhaus offers outpatient diagnostic angiographies and phlebographies in the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology as outpatient surgeries.

The referral is done using an outpatient referral. Appointment scheduling is carried out by the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. Appointments can also be made for preliminary consultations prior to planned procedures. Senior Consultant, Dr. Jochen Hansmann, as well as the other senior doctors are available at all times for questions.

Checklist: Phlebography, Diagnostic Angiography and Vascular Interventions

Appointment scheduling
Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Documents required:
Outpatient referral, letter from referring doctors which is as current as possible, angiological and cardiac preliminary findings, in particular, Doppler findings, preliminary investigations (angiographies, CT or MR angiographies, if possible in form of a CD).

Necessary laboratory values:

  • Quick (alternative INR) > 60
  • Creatinine and urea nitrogen in serum
  • Basal TSH

In impaired renal function, with the suitable preparation, in particular, hydrogenation, examinations by means of a contrast medium-saving approach, alternative CO2 angiographies, are feasible. Please contact us in advance.

Examination Periods/Rest Periods:
The procedures are usually performed early in the morning between 8am and 10am. The rest periods after the procedure are between two hours (fine needle angiography) and six hours (PTA and stenting).

Follow-up Treatment:
In addition to the common medication for the treatment of arterial occlusive disease, specific follow-up treatment is required, especially with procedures in the upper and lower leg areas. These patients receive subcutaneous low molecular weight heparin at the end of the rest period in our department. We ask patients to continue this medication for two days in their GP's practice. The administration of clopidogrel in combination with ACE 100 is recommended for four weeks after peripheral stenting.Usually no further specific medication is required beside the already existing ACE 100 therapy after angioplasty or stenting of the pelvic arteries.

Vascular Surgery Presentation:
If, as part of the diagnostic angiography, a finding that requires an operational procedure is seen, we will gladly take over the subsequent transferral to our Department for Vascular Surgery, this can normally take place on the same day. However, the patient will need a separate outpatient referral for the Vascular Clinic for this.


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