Medical Departments

Trauma Surgery and Sports Traumatology

The Orthopaedic Department covers the care of new injuries including multiply injured patients. In addition, our department offers the full spectrum of orthopaedic surgery. We use the most modern surgical techniques, such as KineSpring, as an alternative to joint replacement on the knee or endoscopic repair of the rotator cuff. Since 1980, a quality-controlled focus of the department is the prosthetic replacement of the hip and knee with the latest generation implants.

An outstanding expertise of the department is the wide range of regenerative treatments of musculoskeletal disorders. In this pioneering field, we not only treat, but also regularly conduct training courses for international colleagues. We apply the autologous cartilage cell transplantation to all young and active patients who have cartilage damage.


Prof. Dr. Gerald Zimmermann MD


Jasmin Beyer
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68165 Mannheim
1st floor, Room 110
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BG and D doctors' office

Point of contact for occupational and school accidents
Medical practices and colleague contact

Ursula Kulke
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Central Office: Trauma Surgery and Appointments for patients

Natascha Winkler
Sylvia Braun
Sabine Muley
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