Medical Departments


Registration formalities/referral regulations:
To arrange an appointment for inpatient treatment or outpatient surgery, please contact our secretariat. An inpatient referral is required for an inpatient admission by the established urologist or family doctor. With outpatient surgery, an inpatient or outpatient referral is required.

Please follow these instructions for a surgical procedure:

  • Anti-coagulant drugs (such as ASPIRIN, ACE, GODAMED, TIKLYD, Iscover, Warfarin) must be discontinued at least five days before admission
  • The diabetes drug, METFORMIN, (for example, in Diabetase, Glucophage, Mescorit) may not be ingested 48 hours before anaesthesia and must therefore be promptly discontinued prior to the expected operation
  • Please sign in at the entrance on the day of admission between 7am and 9am
  • Please bring all the preliminary findings, such as x-rays, ECG or letters from your specialist doctors, for whom the forthcoming procedure might be of importance.

Consultation hours
Senior Consultant, Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Köhrmann MD, is available to answer any urological questions as part of his private consultations. You are welcome to schedule appointments via our secretariat.

Mrs. Kunzmann
Bassermannstraße 1
68165 Mannheim
1st Floor, Room 117
Phone (0621) 424-4412
Fax (0621) 424-4524

Monday - Thursday
8:00 - 12:30 Uhr
13:00 - 17.00 Uhr
8:00 - 12:30 Uhr
13:00 - 15.00 Uhr

Certified outpatient clinic of the
Deutsche Kontinenzgesellschaft e.V. [German Continence Association].

Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Köhrmann
Dr. med. Dinh Nguyen Phan
Telefon (0621) 424-4412

Ward 1B
Melanie Schneider

Outpatient clinic
Anja Morsellino