Our nursing experts at a glance:

Our nursing experts at a glance:

Respiratory Therapist

The respiratory therapist has the task of instructing and treating patients with breathing disorders, using science-based breathing techniques. The respiratory therapy includes findings from medicine, psychology and pedagogy and is used, among other things, for anxiety avoidance/management, in sports, in dealing with drugs and typical, disease-related impairment of breathing. The respiratory therapist works in the Pneumology Department in close consultation with the doctors there. The therapist is also available to the colleagues in other areas of the hospital for consultation.

Andrea Jurcicek
Ward 5D
Phone (0621) 424-5350

Respiratory Therapist

Diabetes Counsellor DDG/Diabetes Contact Person

Three diabetes consultants, DDG, are used in gastroenterology for diabetes consulting. Its tasks include individual counselling and group training for patients and relatives, as well as the advising of employees in respect of dietetics and the adjusting of blood sugar using antidiabetic drugs or insulin. In the vascular or diabetic wound outpatient clinic, too, they support doctors and patients as consultants. Specially trained nursing staff are placed in all other medical departments as diabetes contacts who are in close professional contact with the diabetes consultants.

Daniela Reuthebuch
Birsen Terzi
Katharina Halstenberg
Phone (0621) 424-4493

Diabetes Counsellor DDG/Diabetes Contact Person

Dementia Contact Partners

Registered nurses work in different areas of the hospital who are intensively committed to the care of patients with dementia. They create guidelines on how to identify dementia, draw up recommendations for the care and try out new concepts. In addition, they provide activity materials for people with dementia and advise family members and colleagues.

Christian Strieck
Phone (0621) 424-4497

Professional Caregivers to Palliative Care

Many of our nurses have basic training and long years of experience in the care of palliative patients. In addition, six professionals are extensively trained in palliative care. Special palliative rooms are set up in various units. However, the professionals are not only here in an instructing or advisory capacity, but also in the oncology outpatient clinics and with their colleagues throughout the hospital.

Regina Gress
Beatrix Schroer
Phone (0621) 424-4773
Gertraud Marlin
Phone (0621) 1074- 6114

Hygiene Experts

There is a hygiene department in the Theresienkrankenhaus and the St. Hedwig Klinik. It is under the supervision of the medical director and the nursing director of the hospital. More information can be found here.

Birgit Berg
Phone (0621) 424-4496

Experts in Kinaesthetics

Patients are conservatively supported (e.g. no lifting or carrying) with the help of kinaesthetic movement and mobility. There are nurses with a basic course in kinaesthetics on the units. In the Gastroenterology Department, a kinaesthetics peer tutor is available who instructs and supports colleagues, patients and volunteers in kinaesthetic work.

Renate Friedrich
Ward 3B
Phone (0621) 424-4289

Pain Nurse/Specialist for Pain Management Professional Assistance

So-called Pain Nurses link the existing knowledge on dealing with pain with modern pain management. They are used in various departments at our hospital, where they also share their expertise with colleagues.

Lactation Consultants

Many women express a desire for a lasting and fulfilling breastfeeding relationship because breastfeeding is more than just the best nutrition for the newborn. To this end, our two lactation consultants provide sound information and consultation individually tailored to both mother and child.

Liliane Blust
Grazyna Toth
Phone (0621) 1074-6222

Wound/Ostomy/Incontinence Advisor/Wound Manager

Our specially trained ostomy, wound and incontinence consultants show the patient a way to live as normal as possible with their existing health limitation. With a stoma (e.g. artificial bowel or bladder outlet), consultations are already held before the necessary procedure. After surgery, dealing with a stoma and options for everyday life are explained. All aspects of the creation, development and healing of a wound are considered and the care individually planned for modern wound care. This includes the prevention and treatment of decubitus (bedsores). Patients are also prepared for the time after the release.

Specially-trained wound managers work with the consultants in the individual units.

In the case of incontinence, our experts provide individual advice, make recommendations for dealing with everyday life and provide physiotherapy exercises.

Sr. Magdalena Carl
Phone (06 21) 424-5167
Reimar Lamade
Phone (06 21) 424-5920

Specialised Nurses for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

Specialist nurses are used for anaesthesia and intensive care medicine in anaesthesia nursing, in the operating theatres and the intensive care units.

Specialised Nurses for Endoscopy

Specialised nurses for endoscopy work in all endoscopic areas.

Specialised Nurses for Intermediate Care (IMC)

These specialised nurses provide Intermediate Care (IMC) and work on station 5d in non-invasive ventilation.

Specialised Nurses for Surgery Service

The specialised nurses for surgery service are used in the central OR and in the TUR-OR of the St. Hedwig Klinik.