Social Services, Counselling and Care

Not only medical issues play a role in our hospital. In addition to the body, the minds and souls of our patients are important to us. Even in the cases where we cannot completely cure a person, we still want to help him/her to find a way back into everyday life. We have therefore set up special services for the many aspects that accompany a disease.


through the staff directly or via the Social Services Office
(Rooms 23-25 ​​on the ground floor)

Andrea Volz
Certified social worker
Systemic Consultant
Director of Social Services
Phone: (0621) 424-4456
Fax: (0621) 424-4490
E-Mail: a.volz

Isabell Hofmann
Certified social worker
Telefon: (0621) 424-4480

Heidi Lindenthal
Certified social worker
Phone: (0621) 424-4401

Lena Nikolaus
Social worker
Phone: (0621) 424-4266

Manuela Schrimpf
Certified social worker
Phone: (0621) 424-4398

Saira Viehmann
Certified social worker
Phone: (0621) 424-4369

E-Mail: sozialdienst