The Theresienkrankenhaus and St. Hedwig-Klinik GmbH in Mannheim is a traditional, central provision Christian hospital with 580 beds which is over 100 years old. Every year, about 26,000 patients are hospitalised and more than 40,000 patients are treated as outpatients. Approximately 1,000 children come into the world every year in the St. Hedwig-Klinik’s family-orientated and popular maternity department.
In the operating theatres, 14,000 operations, including 3,000 outpatient and 11,000 inpatient interventions, take place every year. A total of around 1,400 people are employed in the Theresienkrankenhaus and St. Hedwig-Klinik – as doctors, nurses, medical and technical staff, cleaners, administrative staff, technicians, and much more. The top layer is the hospital management.

The supporting organisation of the hospital is the Theresienkrankenhaus and St. Hedwig-Klinik GmbH, represented by the management. The Orden der Barmherzigen Schwestern vom heiligen Vinzenz von Paul (Order of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Vinzenz von Paul) in Freiburg has been the sole shareholder of the GmbH (limited company) since June 2010. The organisation exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes.

The objectives and tasks of the GmbH (limited company) are based upon:

  • The commandment of Christian charity and a patient-oriented care
  • The responsibility for the service of the community
  • The principles of the efficiency and economy of the company’s management

Medical Departments

Vinzenz von Paul-Schule for the Nursing Professions

The Vinzenz von Paul-Schule is a professional college for healthcare workers and nurses/nursing auxiliaries, as well as for those caring for the elderly/geriatric nursing auxiliaries. We offer approximately 250 places in various education/training sectors, inter alia, in an academic study programme: