Foreword by the Management

The Theresienkrankenhaus and St. Hedwig-Klinik GmbH is a traditional and renowned Christian hospital that has earned an excellent reputation even beyond the borders of Mannheim for many years. A synthesis of state-of-the-art medicine and medical technology, professional care, the presence of the Sisters and the Christian self-understanding of all the employees forms the basis of our patient care.

This foundation accompanies und supports the company's philosophy which constantly maintains and further develops the balance between tradition and modernity, between people and technology, between extensive consideration of the patient as a unity of body, mind and soul and the organisation: each patient is seen holistically in his/her complexity and treated as unique in his or her individuality. This results in high standards to which we feel obligated. You are welcome to expect these high standards of us - we will be pleased to meet them every day.


Dipl.-Kff. Abir Giacaman
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dipl.-Kff. Abir Giacaman
Chief Executive Manager (CEO)