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The Theresienkrankenhaus was certified as a "Regional Trauma Centre" by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie (German Society of Trauma Surgery) at the beginning of 2015. Prof. Dr. Gerald Zimmermann, head of the Accident Surgery and Sports Traumatology department, is pleased with the award: "The recognition as a trauma centre, as well as the integration into the trans-regional trauma network, are of great benefit for the security of supply for our patients and an expansion of the service spectrum in the Rhine-Neckar area."

Thanks to the recognition as a regional trauma centre, it has been officially confirmed that, in the emergency admission area of the Theresienkrankenhaus, seriously injured patients with multiple injuries, so-called poly-trauma, can be optimally treated. "Specially-trained doctors are available 24 hours-a-day and can, if necessary, provide a standardised technically high-quality initial treatment in accordance with the latest findings," explains senior consultant, Carsten Raible, who is responsible for the trauma centre. Only in particularly serious cases, such as when the brain is affected, is a relocation to another specialist clinic necessary - even here, the membership of the Rhine-Neckar trauma network ensures short distances and that the patients are at the right place for their further treatment in the shortest possible time. The network includes, inter alia, the University Hospitals in Mannheim and Heidelberg and the hospitals in Heppenheim, Mosbach, Buchen and Sinsheim.

The new status as a regional trauma centre places great demands on the hospital: surgeons and anaesthetists must be available around-the-clock, for example. In addition, specialists from an interdisciplinary team consisting of orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, casualty, vascular and general surgeons are consulted as needed. Regular training keeps the doctors and surgeons up-to-date and the treatment and trauma areas have been adapted to meet the new requirements. The Theresienkrankenhaus really is now prepared for all injuries.


General and Visceral Surgery Department
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Vascular Surgery Department
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Orthopedic Department
Head of Department: Dr. Oliver Diedrich
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Head of Department: Dr. Jochen Hansmann
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Accident Surgery & Sport Traumatology Department
Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Gerald Zimmermann
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