Hospital Stay

With us, you have the opportunity to put together your own meals and decide individually what you would like to eat each day. You can choose one of the following three menus:

  • Menu 1 (whole foods)
  • Menu 2 (vegetarian)
  • Menu 3 (light foods/light diet)

In addition, you will be given a light soup at 10am every day - this is a hospital tradition.

For organisational reasons, we will automatically serve you menu 3 (light foods/light diet) on the first day of your stay.

Patients with the optional service can choose from three additional menus every day.

We do our utmost to create fresh, seasonal and lovely dishes every day. Diet meals are, of course, also possible. Furthermore, our dieticians offer weekly training and individual nutritional advice sessions, so that patients can easily continue to follow their own diet after their discharge.