Medical Specialised Areas

Central OP Department

Surgery is performed at the highest level using the most modern standards in an interdisciplinary, competent team of surgeons, anaesthesiologists and OP nurses. We work in ten bright operating theatres with up-to-date equipment with and for the people at the Theresienkrankenhaus. Six operating theatres are housed in the central OP and four more are not centrally located. Three more operating theatres are located in the St. Hedwig Klinik.

The Surgical Department provides facilities and personnel for all surgical departments of the Theresienkrankenhaus and the St. Hedwig Klinik.

The following medical departments are represented here:

A total of 10,000 procedures a year are performed in the Theresienkrankenhaus and a further 2,000 in the operating theatres of the St. Hedwig Klinik.

We are also partnered with the Professional training in Surgical Services at the Klinikum Karlsruhe and the OTA School of the Klinikum Ludwigshafen.