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The task of hospital hygiene is to protect the patient against nosocomial infections. Effective hygiene management is an essential feature of the quality assurance of a hospital. The associated measures are observed by the federally-recognised hygiene professionals, the doctors responsible for hygiene and an advisory (external) specialist. In addition, a hygiene commission under the auspices of the Medical Director, and which includes all the members of the Hospital Board, meets regularly.

The hygiene commission has established binding specific work instructions for all employees for activities concerning particularly sensitive areas from a hygienic point of view, and for dealing with patients with infectious diseases. These are recorded in the hygiene plan and this is continuously updated. The guidelines of the Robert-Koch-Institute for hospital hygiene and infection prevention serves as the basis.

The hygiene specialists monitor compliance through constant inspections of the units/departments and other areas. Special hygiene contact people are available in all units and functions to assist with this. To verify consistent quality, various environmental tests are routinely performed (such as in the hospital kitchen and the operating theatres). In addition, a regular inspection of the endoscopes ensures a high hygiene standard. Samples of drinking water are also regularly taken and sent for microbiological examination. All the results are evaluated by an independent laboratory and archived with the hygiene specialist.

The employees responsible for hygiene at the Theresienkrankenhaus and St. Hedwig Klinik meet regularly in the Hygiene Commission to clarify questions of hygiene. Training of the staff on general hygiene and special topics is an important pillar of prevention. Regular participation in the hygiene events is required of all employees. Special foci are covered in separate events.


Birgit Berg
Hygiene Specialist

Bianca Bühne
Hygiene Specialist

Frau Klein

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Responsible Doctor:
PD Dr. Wolfgang Segiet MD
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