Medical Specialised Areas

Large Medical Devices & Equipment

Modern medicine requires modern equipment. For measuring temperature or blood glucose, technological equipment is necessary, particularly when it comes to getting an inside glimpse of patients. It enables doctors and nurses to understand the patients and their diseases, thus enabling their treatment and recovery.

Most modern devices are available in the Theresienkrankenhaus and the St. Hedwig Klinik. Here are a few examples:

CT scanner

CT scanner, Siemens Somatom Definition Flash
One of the most modern, fastest low-radiation CT scanners in Germany. Compared to previous devices, patients benefit from up to 60% less radiation exposure and shorter examination times.

Magnetic resonance imaging devices

Magnetic resonance imaging device
Siemens Magnetom Avanto
With the magnetic resonance imaging device at the Theresienkrankenhaus, doctors can obtain images of tissues and organs in the body and thus assess their function. This procedure is also called nuclear spin tomography.

Magnetic resonance imaging device
Siemens Magnetom Sonata
In order to rapidly implement necessary examinations, the Theresienkrankenhaus has two MRI scanners available.

Cardiac Catheter Laboratories

Cardiac catheter labs with Siemens Axiom Artis x-ray equipment, and the Siemens Axiom Sensis electrocardiograph.

In the Theresienkrankenhaus, two cardiac catheter labs are available in which the performance of the heart and coronary arteries can be checked with minimally invasive methods. You can get more information about the cardiac catheter lab here.

Hybrid OR

A hybrid operating room is planned and presently being built.

Sleep Laboratory

When snoring and intermittent breathing becomes a problem at night, the patient can find help in the sleep lab of the Theresienkrankenhaus. In 16 patient rooms, patients sleep and are monitored from a central sleep lab: respiration, brain waves, blood pressure and many more things are monitored in order to identify the causes of breathing problems. For the safe monitoring of patients, numerous medical and technical devices are needed whose information converges in the sleep lab on 16 monitors and is supervised by doctors and nurses.