Medical Specialised Areas


Our Services at a Glance:

Drug Information and Advice

  • Collection, evaluation and dissemination of information on drugs
  • Processing of requests of doctors and nursing staff regarding dosage, side-effects, risks, compatibility, etc.
  • Preparations of drug comparisons• Research into computerised databases (MEDLINE, Drugdex, specialised information)
  • Preparation and leadership of the Drug Commission
  • Generation and updating of the in-house medication list
  • Generation and updating of cytostatic therapy schemes

Pharmaceutical Purchasing and Logistics

  • Direct purchasing from about 150 pharmaceutical manufacturers and from pharmaceutical wholesalers
  • Member of the purchasing community, AGKAMED
  • Price and quality comparisons, market analyses, contract conclusions, supplier assessment
  • Qualitative and quantitative stock assurance, planning ahead of the pharmaceutical range
  • EDP-supported warehouse optimisation in the pharmacy warehouse, in the units and functional areas

Medicine Manufacturing and Analytics

  • Preparation of infusions and injections for our cancer patients under sterile conditions
  • Manufacturing patient-individual formulations, e.g. dermatological preparations
  • Manufacturing of larger initial solutions, such as rinsing solutions and oral care solutions
  • Testing of raw materials for the in-house production
  • Inspection of pharmaceutical products from our own production for identity and content
  • Testing of the finished medicines

Special Services

  • Central medicine admission in trauma surgical, orthopaedic and urological patients
  • Unit pharmacist at the surgical units of our hospital as a point of contact for all medicine-related questions, change of medication from the family doctor prescribed medication to the in-clinic medication
  • Organisation of medicine stocks on the units by pharmacy personnel (PTA/PCA), the so-called "Mannheim model"
  • Publication of summary tables (e.g. on pathogen resistance, dosage recommendations for the antibiotic therapy with renal failure and haemodialysis, antibiotics and anti-hypertensive agents in pregnancy and lactation, probe movement rate of Peroralia, ACE inhibitors, insulin)
  • Participation in the generation of in-house Oncology Guidelines
  • Participation in the preparation of internal guidelines, e.g. "Parenteral nutrition", "Enteral nutrition", "Venous thromboembolism", "Pain therapy"

Education, Continued Education and Advanced Training

  • Training of pharmacy interns (= prospective pharmacists in the 3rd training period in accordance with the regulations for the licensing) and student interns: Training plan for pharmacy interns
  • Lectureship at the in-house school of nursing
  • Lectures within the framework of the in-house advanced training sessions (cytostatics, clinical nutrition, dealing with drugs, assessment of renal function, anti-hypertensives, diuretics)
  • Advanced training of pharmacists in the subject "Clinical pharmacy"
  • Publications and poster presentations

The leadership of the Drug Commission and participation in hospital committees: Chief Doctors Conference, Hygiene Commission, Transfusion Commission, Oncology Working Group.


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