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Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy is a form of external application of remedies which, above all, restores, improves or maintains movement and the function of the human body. Physical therapy is a sub-section of this discipline and summarises medical treatments based on physical methods. This includes applications with thermal, DC, infrared and ultraviolet light, as well as water and mechanical treatments, such as massage.

Physiotherapy aims to reduce discomfort, as well as the function and mobility limitations of a patient. To achieve this, the therapist uses educational, as well as manual, methods. The treatment is adapted to the anatomical and disease-related characteristics of patients. This treatment is targeted at the natural and physiological reactions of the body, such as muscle and metabolism regulation. The goal is restoring, maintaining or promoting health and, at the same time, very often freedom and/or pain reduction.

Currently, 14 physical therapists are available at the Theresienkrankenhaus who prepare hospitalised patients for their discharge by means of postoperative mobilisation, fall prevention, lymphatic drainage and many other methods. 

Medical Director of the Department of Physical Therapy: PD Dr. Oliver Diedrich MD, Senior Consultant of the Department of Orthopaedics and Spinal Surgery


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