Concept and Philosophy

Our treatment and care priorities at a glance:

Nursing Concept

Our nursing concept has the holistic care of our patients at its centre. In practise, as a rule, we work according to the system of area care: several patients in a unit are supervised by one or more nursing staff. They are responsible for all the tasks, i.e. organisation, planning, implementation and evaluation of the nursing.

The work follows a structured process; the extent of the patient's need for care is first determined, then nursing objectives are formulated, and finally the corresponding measures established.

The daily work is based on current national scientific knowledge. The high standard of care is ensured by continuous and advanced training. In addition, we put a lot of emphasis on interdisciplinary exchange, to expand and deepen our knowledge. Joint visits, team meetings and quality groups support the sharing of information and also assure structured processes.

New employees are introduced to their task using an evaluated training approach.

The Krankenhaus GmbH is affiliated with the Vinzenz von Paul Schule für Gesundheitsberufe [School for Health Professions]. All medical areas of the Theresienkrankenhaus and the St. Hedwig Klinik (in addition to external locations) are available as a practical training location. A large number of trained practical instructors ensure the high quality of training in practice.

Nursing Mission Statement

We have developed a nursing philosophy to express the individual requirements of the patients and nurses, to pursue common objectives and to do justice to the Christian orientation of our hospital. It is regularly reviewed and adapted to new circumstances. You will find the exact wording here (in German language).