Social Services, Counselling and Care

Social Services

We advise patients and their families/caregivers in psychosocial and socio-legal matters. The advice focuses on their personal concerns, wishes and options. Below, we offer a selection of topics that these services handle - we are also happy to answer questions which are not listed here.

Psychosocial issues

  • Coping with illness
  • Self-help groups
  • Consulting services

Home-care and nursing options

  • Outpatient nursing and their financing
  • Nursing insurance benefits
  • Procurement of resources (nursing bed, walking aids, etc.)
  • Meals on Wheels, medical alarms, domestic help
  • Consulting assistance outside the hospital

Rehabilitation services

  • Follow-up treatment
  • Aftercare rehabilitation after cancer
  • Rehabilitation for older people
  • Clinic selection, regulation of cost absorption

Statutory care, powers of attorney

  • Establishment of a guardianship by the guardianship court
  • Preventive and general powers of attorney
  • Living wills

Home-care options

  • Short-term care in nursing homes
  • Permanent care, hospice care

Social-legal issues

  • Severe disability
  • Social assistance
  • Co-payments, travel expenses


through the staff directly or via the Social Services Office
(Rooms 23-25 ​​on the ground floor)

Andrea Volz
Certified social worker
Systemic Consultant
Director of Social Services
Phone: (0621) 424-4456
Fax: (0621) 424-4490
E-Mail: a.volz

Isabell Hofmann
Certified social worker
Telefon: (0621) 424-4480

Heidi Lindenthal
Certified social worker
Phone: (0621) 424-4401

Lena Nikolaus
Social worker
Phone: (0621) 424-4266

Manuela Schrimpf
Certified social worker
Phone: (0621) 424-4398

Saira Viehmann
Certified social worker
Phone: (0621) 424-4369

E-Mail: sozialdienst