Social Services, Counselling and Care


The support service is always there to supplement our expert care. Volunteer helpers take care of the patients on an individual basis; they take time to talk to them, bring them to examinations, accompany them on walks, take over the running of errands or make the patient's stay easier and more pleasant.

About 60 trained helpers and assistants work each morning and all our patients are welcome to take advantage of this support.

The service is organised by the unit. Patients can also request help from the nursing staff.


Management of the Support Service
Ingrid Dörsam
Karl-Heinz Blaha
Anneliese Völker

Phone (0621) 424-5971

Volunteers needed

The support service of the Theresienkrankenhaus is always looking for new volunteers who can take over a service on the units once or twice a week. If you have interest in this versatile, responsible and meaningful task, please contact the head of the support service. Telephone (0621) 424-5971.