The Bowel Cancer Centre concentrates expertise

In Germany, around 71,000 people suffer from bowel cancer every year. This cancer is thus the second most common cancer in both men and women, and about 29,000 people die of it every year. This figure is frightening because bowel cancer is, in many cases, curable if it is detected at an early stage and treated properly. In order to achieve optimum healing results, the treatment of bowel cancer requires a particularly intensive collaboration between many medical disciplines. It is therefore sensible to concentrate the treatment in specialised centres. In the gastrointestinal centre of the Theresienkrankenhaus, we concentrate the expertise from a number of disciplines in order to offer our patients the best possible, most up-to-date treatment. The bowel cancer centre is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001: 2008.

Our Goals

  • Treatment of patients based on medical guidelines 
  • Comprehensive care of the person concerned and his/her family 
  • Optimisation of the therapy concepts 
  • Prompt implementation of diagnostics and therapy
  • Increasing the chances of recovery 
  • Close collaboration with the general practitioners 
  • Educating the public


What is bowel cancer?

Bowel cancer is a malignant tumour in the colon or the rectum. About 90% of intestinal tumours arise from initially benign polyps.

Early Diagnosis

Intestinal polyps can be detected early, thus preventing the development of bowel cancer. Please do make use of the early recognition and talk to your GP about it. The currently most effective method for the early detection of bowel cancer is a colonoscopy. This allows the effective prevention, or early detection, of cancer.


If cancer is suspected, you will get an appointment within a few days. Here, all the options are available to confirm the diagnosis and ascertain the stage of the disease, these include endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, MRI, CT, X-ray and endoscopic ultrasonography.


Tumour Conference

In the weekly interdisciplinary tumour conference, the findings of each patient are discussed by specialised doctors from different departments. Your trusted GP is cordially invited to participate in the tumour conference. In this way, the medical knowledge and broad medical experience of a variety of experts flows into the treatment. Together, the doctors determine an individual treatment plan which they will then discuss in detail with you.


A complete cure can often be achieved when bowel cancer is caught at an early stage. The principal objective is the complete removal of the tumour and preservation of the proper functioning of the intestine.


Chemotherapy is often used to secure the success of the operation. We conduct more than 95% of chemotherapy treatments as outpatients, so you can remain in your familiar surroundings. We also offer innovative antibody therapies for the general and individual combat of the tumour cells.

Radiation Therapy

It is usually used in combination with chemotherapy before surgery to shrink the tumour.

Advise and Encourage

Psychosocial care

Experiencing a diagnosis of bowel cancer is perceived by those affected as a decisive point in their lives which is, in its intensity and threat, hardly comparable with other life experiences. We want to support you and your family to be able to better cope with the physical and emotional burdens. Counsellors and psycho-oncologists are at your side. The social service can advise you on all socio-legal issues and will organise rehabilitation measures. Physiotherapists promote physical regeneration. Specially trained nurses will assist you throughout the hospital stay. Our nutrition and stoma advisers support you in questions on practical everyday life. We are also pleased to arrange contact with self-help groups in the region.


Bowel Cancer Centre
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