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Sleep Laboratory

We are a DGSM-accredited sleep laboratory with 16 inpatient video-surveillance polysomnography places and three mobile testing units. The aim of our work is the individual care and treatment of sleep medicine disorders of our patients to help improve their quality of life.

Emphases on:

  • Diagnosis of sleep-related respiratory disorders and their adjustment to night-mask therapy (CPAP, Bilevel, Auto-CPAP) 
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning of other sleep medicine diseases, e.g. restless-legs syndrome, periodic limb movements, narcolepsy and insomnia 
  • Conducting of multiple sleep latency tests, maintenance-of-wakefulness test, pupillographic sleepiness test, vigilance test 
  • Mask and equipment training for patients 
  • Long-term blood pressure measurement 
  • Collaboration with the 5D station in the area of ​​non-invasive artificial respiration and the implementation of polysomnography with capnography 
  • Regular events and the attending of internal and external training programmes


Sleep Laboratory
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